Whatever happened to Reduce & Reuse?
These are things that the farm does. I'm going to try to keep up as many as I can when I get home.

SINK: Turn off water while soaping.

SINK: You know when you turn on the hot water, and let it run to wait for it to get hot? Instead of the letting the unwanted cold to warm water run down the drain, let it fill up a pitcher that you keep by the sink. You can use this pitcher to water house plants or outdoor plants.

SINK: To hand wash your dishes have 2 bins in the sink. 1 bin for dirty dishes, 1 bin for rinsing dishes.  wash dishes in the "dirty water" bin, and rinse them in the "clean water" bin.

SHOWER: Ok, i know this one takes a lot of commitment, but turn off the water while soaping.

SHOWER: Ladies, don't shave your legs in the shower, it wastes a ton of water. If you do, turn off the water when you don't need it.

TOILET: If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.

COOKING: When you have hot leftovers from a cooked meal, put them in a tuperware like usual. Instead of putting it in the fridge right away, let it cool off to room temperature first.

WINDOWS: In the winter, put curtains down at night to keep the cool air out. Raise curtains during the day to let the sun heat your house. In the summer, do the opposite.

LIGHTS: If you’re not in the room, turn off the light! Everything runs off the solar panel, and if that energy runs out, then the back up generator has to be used, and that is a waste.

TISSUES: Use a hanker chief instead of tissues. Reduce waste.

FEMININE HYGINE: Boys, don't read this, it's gross! Ladies, don’t use tampons or pads, use a Keeper cup or Diva Cup (Diva is better). Reduce waste.

BAGS: Bring your own bag when you know you’re going shopping somewhere. Grocery shopping, clothes, drugstore, art store…etc. You should be able to say, “I don’t need a bag, I have my own.”

ZIPLOCK BAGS: Wash them out and reuse them, don't throw them away.

HEAT: Steve built his house to face the sun so that in the winter the sun pours through the windows and heats up the walls. The walls are made of mud and straw and they are a mass that holds the heat. When the sun goes down, the walls continue to give off heat. If there is no sun for a few days it is very cold, and you have to use a wood burning stove.

CLOTHING: Buy organic cotton, sustainable clothes when you can, or shop at thift stores.

WATER: Run off water from rain and snow drains off the roof and into buckets and a cistern.

FOOD: Buy organic, local food. If you eat beef and dairy, make sure it is from organic, grass fed cows (try and find local meat & dairy). Buy organic, local farm eggs if you can. Even if the grocery store eggs say "cage free" on them, it doesn't neccessarily mean that they are allowed to go outside and pick through the hay and dirt for bugs like they are supposed to.