All food is not created Equal.

After living on the farm and reading several books, here's the conclusion I've come to about food.

VEGAN/VEGETARIAN: Eat whatever makes you feel healthy. Some people can exist perfectly well on a non-animal diet, but some people's bodies just weren't built for it (like mine). Eat what your ancestors ate. Eat what makes you feel like you have the most energy. Eat so that you don't look and feel sickly. Plus, not to be a jerk to the activist vegans, but the soil for vegetables, grains, and legumes, needs natural fertilizer that comes from properly raised animals. If you want to be righteous about something, i would suggest being more interested in the soil, and lay off the responsible meat eaters.

LOCAL: If you're trying to decide which loaf of bread to buy at the grocery store, look on the back and see where it's from. Choose the bread that was made closer to where you live. Shop at farmer's markets or join a CSA during the spring to fall seasons. Buy as much local food as you can. You're reducing packaging waste, fuel that would have been used to ship your food to you, and supporting your community. buy local

ORGANIC: Buy organic everything. Don't eat chemicals, it just doesn't make sense. I know it's more expensive, but if you reduce the amount of packaged food that you buy, and if you cook more, it works out. organic food near you

GRASS FED: If you eat beef, eat cows that have been eating what they're supposed to eat, grass. The cheap meat at the grocery store is a cow that has been fed corn, and stuck in a pen it's whole life pumped full of drugs so that it doesn't get sick. The grass fed meat is very expensive, but if you go in on a big chunk with a friend it's not so bad, and will last a long time. Also, because it's more expensive, and a priemium product, it puts back the whole respect for animals thing. You know, it makes you think about how eating an animal that has been treated well is a big deal. how to find good meat & dairy

EATING OUT: If you eat out, order the vegetarian option. The meat they use at most restaurants comes from animals that have been raised disgustingly bad.

FAST FOOD: Don't eat it. Especially the meat.

PACKAGED FOODS: Try not to eat these. They are usually crap, and will make you feel gross all day. Eat as many whole foods as you can.

BULK: Buy your food in bulk. Most health food stores have grains, beans, cereals..etc that you can buy in bulk. This reduces packaging, and is often cheaper.

SUGAR: Try not to eat sugar. If you notice your body's reaction to sugar, it's not very good. For me personally, it makes me tired and distracted all day.

REPLACE SUGAR: use in SMALL amounts: raw honey, date sugar, dehydrated cane sugar juice, and maple syrup. Don’t use table sugar, raw sugar, or brown sugar.

BUTTER & OIL: use organic butter, extra virgin olive oil in opaque container, cold pressed flax oil in opaque container, unrefined flax seed oil (salad dressing) is ok. Palm, Palm kernal & Coconut oil is great for baking.

Milk: If you drink milk, use unpasturized, grass fed cows. Try to get raw milk from a local farmer. Raw milk, raw cultured milk. If you can’t get raw milk, limit milk consumption and get cultured milk, cultured buttermilk, whole milk yoghurt, butter, cream and raw cheese.

WHITE FLOUR – Don’t eat it. Eat whole grains prepared properly. Try not to eat any food that you think has white flour in it.

obvi, this is a huge lifestyle change, and requires more cooking, so it's not for everyone. I'm just writing it down so I don't forget, and to remind myself to eat this way as much as possible.