Feb. 06, 2009

Around this time last year I would have been boarding a plane to start my farm adventure. Instead, I am living in my old apartment in Cambridge with my old friends. I started a gallery, landed a job with a jeweler, and finally have a boyfriend that is awesome. Life seems to be clean again. I even started my own jewelry line based on my New Mexico experience. You can see my store here: www.epicbones.etsy.com

May 15, 2008

Well, i made it home to the east coast. It's so strange. I feel like I never left, except everything feels different...as if I did go somewhere new. It's so lush and green here. Where are the mountains, and the clay cracked sand, and the brittle grasses, and twisting trees? Where's the chicken bucket to put all of my food scraps in? The walls are made of sheet rock? Weird. It feels good to be home though. I wonder what I'll do now.

May 13, 2008

Last night I walked up the road to Kirk's trailer where he had a delicious steak dinner waiting for me. Kirk is one of the repair- jack of all trades guys that works on the farm during the week. He is the sweetest old man ever, and wanted to reward me for all the hardwork I've been doing. it was so nice. He's from Louisiana. He told me all these stories about his life, he worked in the oil business in Saudi Arabia, worked as a nurse in the largest prison in the US, and is now a freelance construction/landscape/ repair man traveling from job to job on his motorcycle and trailer. So yeah, today is my last day on the farm. I just did my rounds and said goodbye to all the animals. An apprentice here, Tina, is going to drive me to Albuquerque to visit my friend for a day, and then I catch a plane tomorrow morning. Transitions are so strange. I'm really gonna miss this place.

May 12, 2008

It's getting warm enough now that I can sleep with my windows open. I never realized how loud this farm is until this morning. By about 5:30am there is a combination of rooster crows and cow mooos that sound like fire truck sirens screeching down a city street.

May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day mom and Jenelle and soon my cousin, Kristin. Everyone is a mom, woohoo!! I miss you guys so much and I can't wait to be on the East Coast again.

May 10, 2008

So, the garden manager moved out, and now we have a family that is going to live here apparently. They showed up last night. Michael is from Chicago and 8 years ago met Teresa, from Peru. They have a 7 year old daughter, Ollaja. They rolled up in a green VW bus coming from a farm in Colorado that they were working at. Their kid is the coolest and wicked smart and mature. I mean, you would be too if you were traveling around from farm to farm with your parents your whole life. They're a really sweet family. I hope Steve is nice to them.

May 9, 2008

Well, our new garden manager, Chris, got in a fight with Steve today and then quit. There goes another one. I wasn't sad to see Chris leave. He's one of those people that is SO proud of himself. He can't stop talking about the hardships he's been through, and all of the things in life he's sacrificed for his girlfriend. What's up with people being proud of pain, I mean, i catch myself doing it too, but really. It's like the more fucked up your life is, the more street cred you have and that somehow makes you cooler than everyone? And also, I know some compromise has to be made when joining two lives together, but shouldn't it be a red flag if you have to change your life drastically to make it work, and then you end up fighting the whole time anyway about what you've given up to make your girlfriend happy, so what's the point?

May 8, 2008

Look a snake!!! I think it's a bull snake. All of the summer creatures are coming out of hiding. I've seen a bunch of lizards too.

May 7, 2008

It seems that anyone that comes to the farm, you're either friends or enemies in 2 days. Maybe it's cause it's such an intimate set up on the farm, and you're working all day together. It's kinda like grownup summer camp actually. I really like one of the new apprentices, Abagail. She was living in Boston for 3 years going to school and working. She just came from a goat/cheese farm in Colorado, and her boyfriend is going to massage school in Santa Fe. She's headed to Chicago next. Anyway, it's nice to have a gal pal around again, especially during these last few days.

May 6, 2008

One of my dearest friends landed on US soil today, and is now setting up camp in my old room in our magical treehouse. Suddenly, I know where home is. The kind of love that will never betray me, never scare me, and always comfort me is breathing in Boston.

May 5, 2008

I'm conflicted about coming home. I feel like i'm just giving up. Santa Fe city life could be really great for me, and there are some friends I've made here that I'm really not ready to leave, but I do want to leave them so that we don't get closer...making it that much harder for me to come home later. Am I doing the same self-inflicted exile thing again? Afraid to get close to people, will I ever see them again? When I get home, will the land of enchantment haunt me? I guess it doesn't matter, but my heart hurts thinking about it.

May 4, 2008

Well, another Heffer calved today, but it was a still born. Steve and I had to go out into the pasture and get the confused mama cow to follow us back. It was sad. Ugh, anyway, the farm is still strange and uncomfortable because of Steve, but I'm hanging in there. We have 3 new apprentices coming today, which I have to train in my last days here. Hopefully, they'll be cool.

May 3, 2008

Today is my oldest sister's birthday. Happy Birthday Jenelle!! In the picture below to left, you can see the most adorable baby ever that my big sis' created. To the right, are the babies I've been taking care of, they got big huh?

May 2, 2008

I feel like I'm in a nightmare that keeps looping over and over again, and I'm just gonna wake up and these past 3 months on the farm will seem like they never happened. No actually, it's more like a giant cable knit sweater that someone keeps knitting ahand knitting ahhand knitting, AND KNITTING!

May, 1 2008

I had an interview last week for an Administrative Assistant position at the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts. The place was gorgeous, and the people were so nice. They called me in for a second interview yesterday. I got all dressed up and went into town with Raquel at 6am, giving me 7 hours to wait in a coffee shop for my 1:30pm interview. It was my first time to really sit down in the city and think. I was in a trendy little coffee house called the Aztec Cafe. Tons of cute city people my age were there. As I looked around and thought about what my life would be like in Santa Fe, all I could do was count down the days until I would be home with my family and friends. I dunno, I guess I just freaked out, and realized if I set down roots in New Mexico, it would be harder to rip them out of the ground to go back to where I really want to be. So, I called the Academy and canceled my interview, and I've decided enough is enough. Why sit around here missing everyone when I could be home. I'm going to give myself what I need to feel healthy, "right now," and if I made the wrong decision, I can always come back, but the important part is making a decision and going from there.

April 30, 2008

Although there was tons of drama yesterday, Raquel and I managed to transplant the Collards into the garden beds. To prepare the garden beds, we put down a big layer of compost, and then Steve went through with the tractor to till the soil. We then lay down 4 lines of drip irrigation. These are basically just like bike tubes with tinnie tiny slits every 8 inches. The tubes are hooked up to the main water hydrant. We then put 1/2 circle aluminum wire hoops every 8 feet or so. String is then tied from one hoop to the next as a back bone for the structure that will hold the thin, white fabric that we put ontop of the hoops. Rebar is on either side of the garden beds holding the fabric in place, along with rocks because we get some pretty intense wind here. The spacing is important for each type of plant. Once you have the plant in the ground, we give it a shot of Kelp water to help with the shock. Below is a picture of the garden bed without the row cover on it. To the left, you can kinda make out the completed garden bed with row cover and all.

April 29, 2008

Well, I put in my 2 weeks notice today. I told Steve I needed to talk to him. We sat down, and before I had a chance to speak, he shot me a death glare and said, "So, when are you leaving?" This is going to be a very tough and uncomfortable 2 weeks.

April 26, 2008

Remember that day in 5th grade science class when you got to dissect an owl pellet and find all the mice bones inside? Yeah, it's still fun at age 25. Ok, I guess I'm an abnormal mid 20's female. I should probably be shopping right now for the perfect shoes to go with the cute little summer dress I'm gonna where out dancing at Avalon to snag my successful, State Street boyfriend. But, oh well, instead I'm sitting here smiling over my ziplock bag of tiny animal bones.

April 23, 2008

Check out the new "kitchen" section I added to the website. Yep, I know I am obsessive compulsive. I documented the farm kitchen.

April 23, 2008

Alright, enough venting and trash talking. This week is gonna be awesome. Steve is on vacation for a week on the East Coast, leaving Raquel and I to run the farm by ourselves. You don't realize how amazing this place is until you're allowed to really relax and enjoy it. I feel lucky for this experience, even with all the drama.

April 21, 2008

During our weekly meeting last night, Raquel quit. Steve took it pretty well. I explained to him that we have to look at why everyone keeps leaving, and figure out a solution. He slept on it, and probably came to the conclusion that everyone keeps leaving because he is crazy. He apologized to me this morning. I thanked him for his apology, and he went off to run. Humans are so interesting, i'm leaving the farm in June.

April 20, 2008

Raquel, Billie, and I had a great morning. We went on a hike and found all these animal bones and feathers that I'm going to use for something. Steve was off running for 3 hours so we had the place to ourselves. We cranked the music, ate a huge breakfast, and bitched about life. After enough girl time, it was time to say goodbye to Billie. She drove her yellow, VW bus out from the trees it was hiding behind in the garden. Raquel and I opened the gates and watched her sail up the steep, dirt hill waving and smiling at us. It felt like a movie. She's gone, and I'll probably never see her again. It was a wonderful time.

April 15, 2008

Yesterday evening, Dottie, one of the pregnant cows gave birth a month early. She was about a mile away from the farm in the pasture when this happened. Steve had to go out with his truck, pick up the lil' baby boy calf and drive him slowly home so the mom would follow behind. It was a mad rush cause the sun was setting and Dottie really needed to be milked or she would be in a lot of pain. Below is a pic of the CUTEST animal on the farm. he's only a day old. So yeah, now we have fresh, raw, cow milk.

April 13, 2008

I took a long walk out to pasture yesterday evening. The sun was getting ready to set, and I wandered into the wide open field for a mile or so to sit with the llamas. It was warm and quiet. The llamas seemed a little confused about me sitting with them. They kept looking at eachother then looking at me, and eventually got up and walked away. The ground was so soft. I laid down and looked up at the moon, which was more present than I expected. There's something about the rural southwest landscape that's more powerful than New England, maybe it's the mountains.

April 11, 2008

Over the past month I've been handed the responsibilty of taking care of all the animals all day almost every day, including the 100's of eggs that we've been hatching in the incubators. I noticed today how much life and death is involved in this job, and how jaded I've become. I've gotten so used to cleaning out the incubator when the chicks are done hatching and scraping out the gross, gut spilled ones that didn't make it. Today I had to haul off an old rooster that had died. You carry it by it's feet so that it's hanging upside, it's just easier. As I walked I felt his feet slowly clench and then flex in my hands. I guess he had just died, and was slowly transitioning. It was creeeepppy. I didn't freak out and drop him though, I just kept walking to the coyote rock where I set him down with respect and good wishes. It made me think, I wonder if this is how soldiers get when they're constantly surrounded by death. I mean, it's your job, you just get used to it. I'm sure carrying dead humans is different than chickens, but you know what I mean. It's strange, I realized how removed from life and death I was before I got this farm job, where that's pretty much what you deal with all day.

April 9, 2008

We did a lot of hoeing yesterday, and my back is feeling it. We're gonna have giant sunflowers, and some grains growing as cover crops near the mainhouse. The greehouse is really starting to come alive, it's pretty cool. We did some "pricking out" of the seedlings to seperate them and replant them to give them more room to grow. The weather is slowly getting warmer and monsoon season is fast approaching.

April 7, 2008

Steve may be hard to deal with sometimes, but he sure knows how to make up for it. He took us all to Ojo Caliente yesterday. It's a mineral hot springs spa type thing. I guess these are pretty common out here. All those tiny cuts and dry skin are pretty much healed already. Below is a pic from left to right: Billie, Steve, Raquel, and me.

April 3, 2008

The past couple days have been amazing. I finally got my studio all set up. I started a new drawing in there yesterday that I really like, and I plan to start painting soon. Today I went into town and had tea with a new friend that I'm really happy about. He's super cool and we're gonna work on video stuff together. fabulous.

April 2, 2008

My prayers have been answered. We all talked to Steve and told him David just wasn't working out. David left after Steve relayed the message. We totally voted him off the island. I feel kind of bad, but the kid wasn't doing any work and was pretty creepy in general, so...that's that. Below is a picture of Billie (the garden manager that i love) watering the seedlings. We planted spinach seeds directly into the ground yesterday.

April 1, 2008

The college boys finally left, thank goodness. Now we have Raquel living and working here. She's pretty cool. There's this guy David that came to test trial the place, and he is NOT cool. This guy is either on tons of anti-depressants or has smoked pot for way too long, and it's SO annoying. The light has gone out, you know? I just want to shake him, and yell, "wake up & work bro!!!." He's draggin' us all down, hopefully he won't stay. Other than that, my baby chickities are doing great, and we've been setting up irrigation in the garden beds.

March 30, 2008

Um, yeah you guys, I killed a rooster. Holy crap. We slaughtered about 50 roosters yesterday. It's quite an intimate experience. Steve and I woke up wicked early to select the roosters in the dark and put them in crates. Then, Eife, a Nigerian priest, came to help us kill, de-feather, clean, gut, cut, and package the chickens. The killing part was pretty intense. You basically just grab the rooster, put it upside down in a funnel, take the head in your hands, and with a sharp knife slit it's throat while saying "rest in peace." I surprisingly didn't feel too grossed out by it. It was a beautiful sunny day, the roosters have had good lives, and the killing process is short and respectful.

March 28, 2008

Biodynamics came about in the 1920's through a bunch of farmer's interest in the decline of the soil. The idea is that the farm is an individual organisim inside a bigger organism, the earth, inside an even bigger organism, the cosmos. Everything that we do on the farm is suppose to sort of mimic the way the human body functions. The cows eat the grass and produce manure that then fertilizes the soil that we grow our plants in, which we then eat so that we can function to keep the farm going. We catch the rainwater in cisterns, which is then filtered so that we can use it again. We catch the sun's energy through solar panels so that we can use it to power the farm. Everything we do on the farm is like a living, breathing body. Nothing is wasted, everything has a purpose.

March 26, 2008

Well, Anne is gone now which is sad, but luckily I'm really loving Billie, the new garden manager. She has a really great attitude about everything, and makes me feel very at ease, like life is just going to be ok and that's that. I like when I meet people that can do that for me, instead of it being the other way around.

March 25, 2008

Eeeekk!!! They hatched! We have about 200 adorable little chicity babies, and there are another 400 on the way!

March 24, 2008

I had SUCH a great time at the show last night. I met a bunch of really great musicians and arts people through Danielle. There is a collective called, "The Process," that organizes events all over Santa Fe that I really enjoyed talking to. Also, I stayed the night at Danielle's house in Pecos, which is gorgeous! We had a beautiful morning sitting out in the sun, dreaming about summer plans, and drinking tea. Now I'm inspired to get a car so that I can go in and out of the farm as I please. I've never owned a car, so this is a big deal. Hmm...

March 23, 2008

I'm off the farm for Easter Sunday. Danielle's band, Rio En Medio , is performing tonight in Santa Fe, so I'll be out and about with her all day, and seeing her show tonight. I'll be missing my family today, but I know that being here is just what I have to do right now, so I'm stickin' to it.

March 22, 2008

Liz Foster and her friend, John, came to stay overnight at the farm and work the next day. It was so nice to see a longtime friend on the farm, I guess I'm still a little homesick. We did our first plantings in the garden beds. Onions, Scallions, and Leeks are in the ground, and ready to grow. Billie, our new garden manager for the season, arrived 2 nights ago. She's nice, around 30 yrs. old, lives out of her yellow VW bus, but is a little too California Hippie "Yeah Man" for me. I think she may have smoked too much pot in her day or something, she seems to have lost that "spark," you know?

March 20, 2008

I counted a total of 52 tiny scrapes, pecks, and cuts on my hands from various barbed wire, chickens, scrap metal, wood, and cactus. My skin may look a bit crappy, but honestly, my body has never felt so good. This combination of farm work, and eating basic, wholesome home cooked foods is making me feel like a superhero. I'm going to try to rearrange priorities when I get home to make sure I can keep up this standard of living.

March 19, 2008

Anne had to escape her farm that she ran with her boyfriend because apparently he is a total jerk, so now she's living with us for a few weeks. She's got golden weathered skin, long brown hair that is trying to decide if dread locks are the way to go, and just a very gentle, beautiful Mama Hen personality. I'm learning SO much about cooking from her. She can make anything out of the basic farm foods we have here, it's really impressive. I'll be sad when she leaves next week to go work on a tiny island farm in British Columbia. Oh well, more ladies will be coming here soon, so I should be ok.

March 18, 2008

We've been pulling weeds, digging up garden beds, and dumping compost on them. Regular ol' farm stuff, the little seeds that my Dad and I planted have germinated and are starting to come up. It's gonna be cool to plant them, watch them grow, and then eat them, like full cycle-seed to seed, pretty powerful.

March 16, 2008

Inspirational words from Cassie, the cow... "You won't know what you can do, until you actually do it. So start. And continue, until you do what you thought you might be able to do. And continue, until you do more than you ever thought possible."

March 15, 2008

It's Camp Counsler time apparently. 1 freshman from Colorado College, and 2 from St. John's College have decided to spend their spring break on the farm. So, it's my job to train them. I know I'm not that much older than them, but it's amazing the difference in life perspectives. They seem so innocent and full of hope for the future of food, farming, and the planet. It's pretty adorable, and refreshing.

March 14, 2008

In 15 years when my husband, 2 kids and I leave our Earthship for the night to have dinner at the Grandparent's house, we're going to reminisce about the New Mexico farm. My Dad and I will get all teary eyed at what a wonderful time we had together. Thanks for coming out Dad, it really was fantastic!!! I posted new pics too.

March 12, 2008

Forget the dome, I'm building an Earthship when I grow up!! Guys, if you ever go to Taos, visit the Earthships, which are totally sustainable cheap houses that ANYONE can build themselves (or a team can come and build it for you), in any climate. They take you off the conventional electric, water, and heating systems allowing your home to be completely independent and off the grid. You can also, take some of the principles, like solar panels, water cisterns...etc. and adapt it to a regular house. Check it out here !!!!!!

March 10, 2008

If you ever visit Santa Fe, go to the Museum on International Folk Art. So many treasures shoved in one space, loved it. Also, today I stopped into a neato hipstery art/music space called, Meow Wolf. I'll be going to a show there tonight all by my lil' lonesome. I met a cute art boy there, named Quinn, who I've decided is going to be my NM BFF. Hopefully I'll meet more of my kinda kiddies there tonight! So excited.

March 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Abby!!! My sister turns 27 today...which means I turn 26 this summer, yikes! Never thought I'd be living in the southwest, but here I am, trotting around this wierdo place with my Dad. We went to Santa Fe plaza today, very touristy. I still don't like Georgia O' Keeffe's paintings, but after seeing the museum and learning about her history, I have a bit more respect for the lady. She basically did what I am trying to do-went off on her own in strange land nature New Mexico to make art without any distractions, oh yeah and farm? Hmmm, maybe minus the chickens.

March 8, 2008

Just as I noticed the spider count had gone up in the bathroom, it was time for my Dad and I to drive into Santa Fe for our 4 days of heaven. Yes, that's right, I'm off the farm, and sitting in a wicked comfy warm bed with CLEAN everything. I just had the most amazing New Mexican meal at Guadalupe Cafe, and tomorrow we go out to seeeeeee stuff.

March 6, 2008

My Dad and I spent a good part of the day mixing "Speedling" soil, and smooshing it into little trays. The soil mixture is 1 part compost, 1/2 part peat moss, and a little bit of sand. ALSO, Raquel is coming to live here and apprentice and possibly Tim. Both are my ageish and seem totally cool. Woohoo! It's gonna be a farm party soon!!! And they both have cars!!!!

March 5, 2008

A few days ago, we set up the incubator. There are now about 200 eggs basking in warm little boxes waiting to hatch open and become CUTE wittle baby birdies!!!!!! I can't wait! But I have to wait, about 20 days. There will be pictures to come don't you worry.

March 4, 2008

There are 4 spiders in the bathroom, one in each corner of the ceiling. I don't dare move them because, well, they were here first. However, I like to know exactly where they are at all times, just in case (not sure what that means). Just in case...they ATTACK ME!! or run away and hide in my bed!! I don't know, but I've got my eye on them, and I swear the one in the left corner near the shower has doubled in size since I got here.

March 3, 2008

Things are looking up today. A bunch of new possible apprentices came to look at the place, my Dad is coming tomorrow, and I finally started making art. I posted a drawing I just finished here.

March 2, 2008

Steve has been gone at this Organic Food Conference in Albuquerque for the past couple days, leaving the farm in my hands to run. I thought I had a handle on everything, but when Steve did the animal chores today on my day off, he noticed my first work mistake. I forgot to fill the rooster's water bucket, and he found 2 dead roosters in the coop. We're not entirely sure it was my fault...but it's pretty likely. He actually handled it pretty well, and made a joke about it, but I still feel really bad. I'm so used to desk jobs where if you mess up, your boss gives you a frown and tells you to re-enter the expense report properly. On the farm, if you forget a detail, cute little fluffy things die, and you put them out for the coyotes to eat. Lesson learned.

March 1, 2008

Remember summer camp? That was dirty. Or maybe you went on a road trip and couldn't shower for a week, that was pretty gross too, right? Sigh...being here on the farm is a whole new level of dirty. It's a consistent filth that you can't just say, oh well, when I get home I can get clean, because...the farm is home. I mean, I did a pretty good job at scraping the chicken crap out of my hair today. You can hardly notice what's left, and it really doesn't smell that bad. And the hay bits that have built up in my pockets, I totally dumped them out. Good enough right? The only one I'm looking to impress is my favorite cow (Moose), and I really don't think he minds that I'm not showering until Monday.

Feb. 29, 2008

Every afternoon I climb up a tower of hay bales, throw 3 on a cart, and wheel them over to the cows. I toss small chunks of hay over the fence to get the 28 cows distracted so that I can open the gate and spread out the rest of the hay. I knew this would happen eventually, but wasn't sure how I would react. As I started wheeling through the gate today, 3 BIG bulls with big ol' horns came charging at me. They leapt over the cart and ran through the open gate. All I could do was run, and in my head scream, "AAAHHHHH Hungry, Hungry Hippos!!!!!" I was terrified! It took forever to get the 3 roaming cows back in, but I did it. I love that just a few months ago my part-time job was filing invoices, and now I am dodging angry, ravenous cows to pay the bills. Ugh, man what a life.

Feb. 28, 2008

Russel is probably two years older than me. He's down to earth in the way that you can tell he's been working out in the land by himself since he was 10. He's the jack-of-all trades guy that works on the farm a few days a week to fix roads, tractors, roofs, move rocks...etc. I have a TOTAL crush on Russel, but in the "I want to be you" kind of way. You know, like bro to bro. Pretty much my whole life I've been surrounded by my computer generation of peers that are hooked on "inside" skills, like desk skills you know? It's just so impressive to see someone my age that can do EVERYTHING practical, like life smarts. So hot.

Feb. 27, 2008

My friend, Danielle, saved me!! She picked me up at the farm, and drove me into Santa Fe. I had coffee for the first time in almost 3 weeks, I went to a drug store and got all the necessities I needed, and best of all saw a familiar face, and got to gossip with a peer. It felt SO weird to be in civilization. The restaurant bathroom seemed so fancy! I've gotten so used to the mud, and dust, animals, hay, and the same farm foods every single day. It's so strange what becomes normal after awhile. It's like a human conditioning experiment or something.

Feb. 26, 2008

I can't believe I forgot to write about the Buffalo Dance I went to last week. Steve knows one of the guys on the Indian Reservation, Cochiti Pueblo, through working with his son at the Santa Fe Waldorf School. The guy's name is Cippy Crazyhorse!!! Amazing right? From what I could gather the Buffalo Dance is a celebration or prayer of thanksgiving. The dance thanks the spirit of the hunted animal, and asks for good luck for next year's hunting. It was so overwhelmingly beautiful to watch this big group of people all dressed up in feathers, bells, kilts, horns, buffalo fur, drums, face paint, dance and sing in front of the village. It was quite an honor to be there, and we got invited into Cippy's home to join in a huge feast. SO fucking cool.

Feb. 25, 2008

OMG, I just talked to my Dad, and he said he's decided to come visit next week!!!!! I'm SO excited to not only have a visitor, but I mean, it's my Dad. Now I won't have to be homesick. AND, i'll get to leave the farm and go tour around Santa Fe and Taos and all the other places I've been wanting to go to, but haven't been able to because I've been stuck in farm land pretty much ever since I arrived. Ugh, so good. Total father-daughter bonding time 2008. I'm so happy.

Feb. 24, 2008

Ok, I'm feeling much better today. I talked to Steve, and told him that I was feeling trapped, and that I didn't know if I could make art here, which is my first priority over farming. To my surprise, we had a really good talk. He said because I'm such a good worker, he's willing to work things out with me. I told him what I needed to feel ok staying here, and he's going to try to do what he can within the next few weeks to make it work, so we'll see. I told him I needed a car so I could go into town and hang out with friends, a studio, and to work 25 hours per week. He said that was fine. Amazing! It's crazy, you can usually get what you want, if you just ask for it. We'll see if it actually happens though...

Feb. 22, 2008

AHHHH!!! I'm having major anxiety. I don't know if I should stay here or not. I mean, I guess I learned everything I wanted to know about farming already, so now what. I'm stuck on this farm all alone with no way of getting out into civilization. I don't want to just give up and go home because it's hard though.

Feb. 20, 2008

Ugh, ok now Nahod is leaving. He went into town yesterday, and never came back. He called me secretly hoping Steve wouldn't pick up the phone, and told me he is moving into an apartment next week. Honestly, I don't really mind because he causes a lot of drama here, but yeah...now it's pretty lonely.

Feb. 19, 2008

Dana left today. I'm pretty bummed about it, but I guess that's how it goes here. People just sort of drift in and out.

Feb. 14, 2008

I would have completely forgotten it was Valentine's Day unless, Russel (one of the contract workers fixing the roads) hadn't said Happy Valentine's Day to me. Oh well. For V Day, I went on a hike with Dana. In a matter of a few hours we spilled our entire life stories, and become total BFFs. It's amazing how much closer you get to someone when you're working outside all day with each other doing physical labor, like hauling rocks, moving hay bales, hiking..etc. It's such a different friendship than just going to a coffee shop with a friend and chatting about life. It's more real or something.

Feb. 12, 2008

So, I'm liking the work so far. I get up at sunrise (6:15amish), and fill up buckets of water to carry to the chickens because the well water is frozen. I feed the chickens their fancy organic protein feed, hay, and wheat. i collect their eggs, and then let them outside. Next i feed the roosters, ducks, and turkeys. Then I fill a wheel barrel full of hay to trick the cows into following me out to the pasture. Then I feed the llamas. This all takes about 1 hour. Then we have a breakfast break for about 1 hour, and then start the day's tasks. The afternoon animal chores are pretty much the same, except you have to gather all the eggs, then weigh them, wash them, and pack them in their Beneficial Farm egg cartons to bring to the food store.

Feb. 10, 2008

There are 2 other apprentices on the farm besides me self. Dana, who is a 22 yr. old boy/girl about to move to VT to live with her girlfriend and hopefully start a farm of her own. Dana is the coolest, and I love love love her. The other apprentice is Nahod. he's 28, and going to film school part-time. He's kinda weird, but I think he's an alright guy. Then there is Steve, who no one really likes, but I think he's just misunderstood. He's a Virgo times 10 living mostly in the shadows...sorry. I mean, he's a perfectionist who is super critical of the world, other people, and himself. It's pretty annoying to see a man in his 50's that hasn't figured out that the world isn't perfect yet.

Feb. 8, 2008

Steve, my boss, picked me up at Liz Foster's house in Albuquerque. We then drove up to Santa Fe and down the long, winding dirt road to the farm. My first night on the farm kinda sucks actually. Everything was chaotic because Steve had been gone all day, so he got all fussy that things didn't go the way he thought they would. Oh well. here i am, out in the middle of no where, about to start something new. I'm setting my alarm for 6:00am so that I can get up and learn my new job. Haha...the things I get myself into. sigh.